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Two High-Tech Gadgets That May Improve Your Pet's Health

Just how many of us have pets? Collectively, U.S. pet owners care for 69,926,000 domesticated dogs and 74,059,000 cats. Put another way, there are approximately 1.6 dogs and 2.1 cats in every American home, or pets are pretty much everywhere. What's more, nearly all owners view their pets as a part of the family -- and that means many of them are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on veterinary care, pet boarding kennels, toys, and accessories for their pets. Some will even purchase these high-tech gadgets for their furry friends.

Air Purifiers For Pets

There are several preventative measures you can take to reduce your likelihood of ending up at emergency animal hospitals, or even having a lengthy discussion with a vet and/or veterinarian technician. Pet air purifiers serve a dual purpose: first, they help eliminate pet odors, and second, they filter out allergens and chemicals from the air, making it easier for your pet to breathe. This can help avoid colds and other illnesses and ultimately result in fewer trips to the vet.

A Health Tracker For Dogs

It is necessary to visit local veterinarians for biannual checkups, and -- with any luck -- that's it. New technologies are making it even more plausible to avoid rushing to the vet or an emergency animal hospital. How? Several companies are working on fitness and health trackers for dogs. While a FitBit for your pooch may sound laughable, it can actually be an invaluable tool, measuring your pup's heart rate, sleeping patterns, calories consumed and burned, and other important health metrics. These wearable devices enable pet parents to keep tabs on pets' health carefully and accurately, and take action ASAP, if there are any significant deviations from the norm.

At first, high-tech gadgets for cats and dogs may sound a bit superfluous and silly -- but you may want to give them a chance. Air purifiers for cats and dogs and health trackers for furry friends can help you promote good health and monitor your pet's health over the long-term.

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