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Pet Hospital Tour

STATE-OF-THE-ART SURGICAL FACILITIES Each individual surgery is done with a technician and doctor gloved and gowned to meet the most rigorous protocol for sterile technique. This includes: patients are clipped and surgically scrubbed before they enter the surgery room. Previous | Next
Comfort Room If you are visiting a hospitalized pet or have to put your pet to sleep the comfort room allows you to stay with your pet during the most difficult of times. Previous | Next
Radiology Our facility features digital radiography. This allows us to take fewer images with greater accuracy and speed. Previous | Next
Phone Center Our phone center allows our customer care staff to focus on your call and make sure you receive the highest quality of service possible. Previous | Next
Hospital Kennel The hospital kennel is for our sick and recovering patients. This area is kept quiet to allow for maximum recovery. Previous | Next
Treatment If we take your pet out of the room or he/she is here for a procedure, your pet will be cared for in treatment. This area allows us to branch off into radiology, surgery or dentistry. Previous | Next

Parma Animal Hospital Tour

We have 7 exam rooms that are equipped with computers that are capable of showing digital x-rays, digital dental x-rays, client records, and all information needed to care for the pet with the client present. We have 2 mechanical lift tables so that large breed dogs can be examined without ever having to be picked up and we have a central treatment area that allows us to handle any medical, surgical or dental case, or emergency.